Kindeva Drug Delivery

Your CDMO Partner for Complex Drug Delivery

Introducing Kindeva—the pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization with the vision, expertise and insatiable curiosity to help you realize your drug’s full potential.

End-to-end partnership

Kindeva (pronounced Kin-dev-uh) is led by industry experts and offers a complete range of capabilities and technologies with unparalleled dedication and flexibility. As a leading CDMO, we partner with you to advance complex drug product programs through our integrated, end-to-end capabilities.

As a leading CDMO, we partner with you to advance complex drug product programs through our integrated, end-to-end capabilities.

  • Formulation

    • Assess feasibility of delivering the drug
    • Develop formulation
    • Develop and refine the delivery system
  • Product development

    • Finalize product design and complete method validation
    • Characterize in vitro performance of drug product
    • Design clinical plan
    • Lead and support pilot and pivotal studies
    • Develop and register data package with regulatory authorities
  • Scale up manufacturing

    • Develop manufacturing process at desired scale
    • Support clinical trials and regulatory data package
    • Demonstrate process performance through process validation
  • Commercial manufacturing

    • Enact product’s control strategy
    • Establish quality agreement with client
    • Maintain process performance
    • Assure continued compliance to evolving regulatory standards

Full-service innovation

At Kindeva, our capabilities are as extensive as our decades of experience. We have the expertise and technologies to help you realize your vision—however complex.

We’re always ready for the next challenge.

Inhalation Drug Delivery

    Capabilities applied to...

  • pMDIs, DPIs
  • Connected inhalers
  • Nasal

Transdermal Drug Delivery

    Capabilities applied to...

  • Drug-in-adhesive systems
  • Membrane systems
  • Reservoir systems
  • Gel patches

Intradermal Drug Delivery

    Capabilities applied to...

  • Solid microstructures (microneedles)
  • Hollow microstructures (microneedles)

Global reach

  • Global Headquarters

  • St. Paul, USA
  • State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities

  • Loughborough, UK
  • St. Paul, USA
  • cGMP Manufacturing Facilities

  • Loughborough, UK
  • Clitheroe, UK
  • Northridge, USA
  • St. Paul, USA

A legacy of firsts

Kindeva was built on decades of taking clients from promise to patent, launching life-changing products and solving any challenge—every time.

  • 1846

    William Riker founded the drug store that would become Riker Labs

  • 1956

    First metered dose inhaler (MDI)

  • 1970

    First drug-in-adhesive patch

  • 1989

    First breath-actuated inhaler

  • 1994

    First stand-alone 7-day drug-in-adhesive patch

  • 1995

    First CFC-free MDI

  • 2008

    First single-cycle FDA review

  • 2010

    First commercially available dose counter

  • 2012

    First CFC-free nasal MDI

  • 2015

    First bioequivalent alternative to combination asthma therapy in the UK

  • 2016

    Introduced the Intelligent Control Inhaler

    First generic transdermal product for Kindeva

  • 2018

    First commercial solid microsystems agreement signed

  • 2019

    Supplied Phase III clinical study for Solid Microsystems Abaloparatide Program

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